A Night Out believes special events can bring hope, healing, and joy to victims of domestic violence. By taking groups from partnering domestic violence agencies to local Chicago venues, A Night Out helps them experience life as part of a larger community in a safe environment. Along with trained clinicians and volunteers, A Night Out works hard to ensure every experience is positive, and that participants are offered a special evening filled with support, understanding, and fun. We make a significant difference in the lives of our participants by opening a new world where they can feel inspired.

Domestic violence victims rarely have anyone on their side who believes in them. The more than 800 women we’ve work with are so focused on surviving, they rarely have time to do anything else. A Night Out shows them that they are special, deserving, and not forgotten. The social experiences provided are life-changing for them, and we believe they deserve it more than anyone.


What About Us? 

By: Anonymous

We are the forgotten people of the forgotten people
About who nobody seems to care
Filled with much fear, pain and sorrow
We never seem to get our share

We cry out to deaf ears
Hoping somehow to be heard
Ignored and looked down upon through the years
Hoping someday for just one word

Sadly, we are overlooked once more
Nameless among those named
We are victims in a silent war